What Can You Do With Minders?

Minders may seem like a simple journaling app, but you can do so much with it. Here’s a growing list of uses, many of these are how I personally use Minders.


Minders is a great journaling app. Create a post each day about what you did and how you felt, including photos of the day.


Use Minders to store your favorite links. Whenever you add a link to a post, Minders auto-generates a link preview, making it easy to browse your bookmarks.

Storing Images

Use entries to store images you find on the web. If you’re researching a creative project, Minders is a great way to collect images related to a topic. Use threads to track common images and tag them hashtags to find easily later.

Logging Work Notes

Keep Minders open while you work and keep track of your thoughts as you go through your day. Scroll through your feed to see where your mind was at earlier in the week.

When I’m working on design ideas, I like to create

Helping You Justify a Promotion

If you’re always at a loss during your yearly performance review for examples of where you went above and beyond in your job, use Minders to record whenever you do something worth mentioning to your boss. Use a hashtag like #promo to record whenever you do something that you want to remember to include in your personal evaluation.

At the end of the work year, search for the #promo hashtag and you’ll have a head start on real examples of things you did to justify your promotion!

Logging Activities

I like to use Minders to track my daily meditations. I simply create an entry with my meditation length and add #meditation as a tag. This lets me quickly go into the hashtag tab and see all my meditation times. (Spoiler: Minders will eventually feature the ability to export entries as CSV for external processing and offer the ability to convert entries into graphs!)