Jot Down Notes in Your Own Personal Stream

Minders is a notes app with a social media-like interface

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Available for Mac and iOS
Screenshot showing Mac App stream with two posts.
Screenshot showing two posts, each containing images.

Like a Private Social Media Feed

Easily find what was on your mind days ago

Don't Organize, Just Write.

Don't obsess over files and folders, just jot down your thoughts

Screenshot showing a user searching for a search term and the resulting posts that match
Screenshot showing three posts, one of them with comments a link with a link preview

Bookmarks You'll Actually Use

With link previews and comments, you will want to browse through your saved links

Use Hashtags to Help Find Posts

Just like social media, search by tag

Screenshot showing a list of hashtags and the number of posts that use each
Screenshot the app window with a pop-up UI listing the different streams available

Great for Work and Play

Create multiple streams to separate aspects of your life

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Available for Mac and iOS


  • Social Media Feed — What makes Minders special is its unique social media-like feed. View all your posts in a chronological order that's easy to browse and easy to search.
  • Add images, video, and audio to posts — Posts can include images, video, and audio. On vacation? Take a few photos add them as a journal entry.
  • Markdown Formatting — Use markdown to format text beautifully and easily. Make a post stand out with a heading, or use quoting to emphasize text you read from a book or article.
  • Like, Reply, Quote — Just like social media, you can like posts, reply to them, or even quote them. This is a great way to interact with your past self or keep a running thread on a topic.
  • Quick Filter Tabs — Filters make it easy to find all liked posts and posts with media or links.
  • Browse by Hashtag — View all your hashtags in one place and easily find all posts using a hashtag. This is a great way to organize links or ideas.
  • Multiple Streams — Create a stream for each topic. Create one for work, one for an ongoing project, or maybe one for self-help advice.
  • Scheduled Posts — Want to remind yourself of something in the future? Schedule posts so that they show up again in your feed in the future. This is a great way to bubble up inspirational moments or hard-earned lessons.
  • Pinning — If there's something you really want to keep top of mind, pin it to the top of your feed.
  • iCloud Sync — Your posts are synced across all of your macOS and iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you, the creator of Minders, read what I post to the app? No. Your posts are private to you and stored exclusively in your iCloud drive. I don't have access to your private data.
  • If I stop subscribing, will I lose access to my posts? No. You will never be locked out of your posts. Even without a subscription, you can browse through your main feed and search it. Only special tabs (Heart, Links, Media, Hashtags) will have limited access and you won't be able to create new streams or post more than 20 items on a stream.
  • Can I export my posts? This feature isn't available at the moment, but it will be coming soon. You having control over your data is important to me.
  • Why a subscription model? Minders has more features planned and is constantly improving. I'm a solo indie developer, and your subscription helps fund my ability to work on the app. I am not funded by venture capital or outside investment. I appreciate your support, but can understand if the subscription model doesn't work for you.
  • Can I make a one-time purchase instead? This is something I'm investigating adding to the app. I understand not everyone enjoys having to add yet another subscription to their monthly bills.

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Available for Mac and iOS