Q: Where are my posts saved?

Minders creates a folder in your iCloud drive and stores your posts and images in a database there.

Q: Can I export my posts?

There isn’t a way to export at the moment, but if you’d like to see such a feature, please reach out to me (see email at the bottom of the page). I’d love to know what format you’d like your data to be exported to and how you’ll use the exported data.

Q: How can I format my text?

Minders offers Markdown formating, which is a way of formatting you may not be used to. If you’d like to learn how to use Markdown to format your text, take a look at this tutorial.

Q: Can I format my text using a UI?

Minders doesn’t have this feature at the moment (bold, italics, underline buttons), but I am working on adding it in an update.

Additional help coming soon.